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Great conversation, similar interests and very positive experience.

Tracy Lyall

26 Jul, 2018

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Entrepreneurship and coaching expert.

Paul is very enthusiastic and I enjoyed the talk wirh him. He is an expert in entrepreneurship and in the coaching field. I would love to stay in contact. Thank you very much for your professional help.


1 Jun, 2018

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Life, business, and relationships have all improved thanks to Paul

Paul understands and connects on a level much deeper than anyone I have talked with. He has tools and techniques that unlock complexities in minutes. I owe a lot of the positive flow in my life to the work I have done with Paul.


5 Feb, 2018

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A Better Perspective

Paul was instrumental in helping me change my perspective pertaining to the issues/problems that were preventing me from enjoying life. Paul is very insightful and provided practical and attainable suggestions for overcoming some of my shortcomings, additionally Paul was helpful in highlighting some of my strengths. The money I spent with Paul was one of the best expenditures I have ever made. I highly recommend Paul to everyone - he will give you tools to make your life more fulfilling.


3 Feb, 2018

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Thank you

Hi Paul,

Thank you very much for your time and your candid sharing about your profession. I learned a lot. As I am scheduled to receive the "Co-Active Coaching" book today, I will continue my exploration later today.

Thanks, Jack


13 Jan, 2016

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Paul is a great listener, conversationalist and strategic thinker. Highly recommend for the entrepreneur wanting to break through to the next level..a true giver. Thank you Paul!

Chris Caputo

28 Aug, 2015

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Time well spent: a fresh and thoughtful experience.

Paul worked with me one morning for about an hour, and we talked at an appreciable length about insights that we had about life, especially vis-a-vis how they would apply to living mine.

The major points of clarity that we dealt with were about being in the right mindset to be focused, practical, and optimistic towards life, learning how to invest energy in the right places, and knowing how to realize and deal with the obstacles that would hold someone back in the midst of pursuing and realizing goals and dreams.

Paul was very easy to relate to, and had a very strong sense of self-knowledge - I profoundly recommend him, as I feel he would work well in any type of professional dynamic or relationship. Well-spoken, agreeable, and encouraging in a way that stayed with me long after we talked.

I feel as if Paul would be a good resource in the life of any professional, and in the lives of those who consider themselves to be self-aware, entrepreneurial, and dynamic.

Daniel Dyer

20 Aug, 2015

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The right coach for a Renaissance Entrepreneur

Thank you Paul. Your background, experience, and understanding of my DNA gave me insights that moved me forward. Specific results: - Reduced overwhelm - Clarity - Embracing who I am and letting go of who I am not - Gaining Peace - Definition of my mission - Defining and Aligning my Personal Passion with my Perfect Customer Thank you Paul! Carl

Carl Loop, Carl Loop, MBA

13 Jul, 2015

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A positive experience that gave me a lot to think about

I began the experience of life-coaching expecting concrete answers to specific questions. And I didn’t exactly get those answers. BUT in a “teach a man to fish” sense, I did learn some very handy tools to help me approach these (and any future questions) more strategically.

Our conversations helped me to adjust the lens through which I see myself and the world around me. So even though I may find myself with my same (or even more!) questions, I feel more confident about my ability to work with them, through them or even love them.

Jennie Keinard

1 Jun, 2015

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Very insightful, makes you look at yourself and events as not personal but learning experiences. While my journey is far from over I feel I can see now.

Gerard Monroe

2 May, 2015

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